July goals

It’s time to put some stuff out there, yo. I believe in setting goals. Some do yearly. Some do quarterly. I like to do monthly goals. So, with all that said, here are a few things I have in mind for this month.

*puts finger to earpiece*

I have just been informed that the month is half over.  Oops.

No worries. Because even if I didn’t write my goals on this scrappy little blog, I’ve written them elsewhere. In this case, it was in my brain. *cough*


  1. Tighten query. I was waiting on a query critique and it ended up taking a bit longer than I had hoped. My goal was to start querying shortly after the holiday but I just got my critique yesterday.
  2. Finish one last pass on manuscript. Achieved. Just finished it yesterday as a matter of fact.
  3. Write synopsis. Ugh.
  4. Start querying. I already have my list of agents ready to go. Back in the trenches for me.

And that’s pretty much it for this month.  Maybe next month, I’ll actually list them at the beginning. Or not at all. We’ll see.



Human being extraordinaire, almost.

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